Winner of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award

(Artwork by Shona Wong)

The Cockburn Incident was performed at the Centre for Stories in Northbridge, WA during the 2018 Fringe World Festival, and then again as part of the Youth Week WA KickstART Festival. 

When Cockburn College's oval is desecrated, the School Captain, Diane, and her BFF, literally go all 'Murder, She Wrote' on the situation to uncover the culprit. 

"What really makes this show shine is the craftsmanship behind the whacky scenes. Each character, a caricature of a schoolie we once knew, is hysterically portrayed by the cast."

- Fringefeed


“The script is an actor’s dream come true with elements of drama, mystery and even a touching moment between father and son. Following a story arc that is sure to blow your socks off, audience members were left feeling limber with elation. Laughter really is the best medicine.”

★★★★ - Fringefeed

“Director Zachary Sheridan’s writing is precise, pithy and pythonesque, and his direction is clear, with lovely use of a Greek Chorus and a beautiful sense of the bizarre”

- Stage Whispers

“The direction... put forth a well choreographed and slick show, given the limitations of space. The physical theatre components of the show were visually flawless and were always sure to induce a cacophony of laughter from the audience”

- Colosul

"Written by Zachary Sheridan, the script is hilarious. Like, seriously funny. The humour is brilliant and flows through the entire show with ease. After seeing the show, my friend and I tried to pin point what exactly made it so funny. We came to the conclusion that it was a perfect balance of smart and silly humour."

- Dircksey

WRITER & DIRECTOR Zachary Sheridan // ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Bec Fingher // FEATURING Tamara Creasey, Courtney Henri, Christopher Moro, Marshall Stay, James Thomasson, Elise Wilson // COSTUME Dani Chilton // LIGHTING MENTOR Phoebe Pilcher // SOUND DESIGN Marshall Stay // DRAMATURG Cam Pollock // PRODUCER Elise Wilson

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