QUOKKA APOCALYPSE was performed at the The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights in Northbridge, WA in January, 2020, as part of Fringe World.

Quokka, Possum and Snipe have had just about enough of the greed and corruption of their furless overlords. They've devised a plan to rid themselves of human tyranny, armed with nothing more than a bottle of dishwashing detergent and access to Perth's water supply.

Exploring the power of systems over individuals and the importance of fun in the face of imminent doom, QUOKKA APOCALYPSE blows Blinky Bill out of the water.

"Fun, fantastic and slightly ferocious... A contemporary performance and a clear critique of culture, Quokka Apocalypse kept us entertained from start to finish. With simple costumes and set design, the up-and-coming actors made the best of the night, landing a plethora of laughs and “Oooo’s” from the captive audience."


- Isolated Nation

"While the audience spend most of the show in imminent danger, and may not make it out alive, you are guaranteed to have some great laughs with this very funny, very surprising show."

- Stage Whispers

"Alive with colour and message, this theatrical piece is a good example of how talented independent WA artists are... The show is full of youthful enthusiasm and a script that is one of a kind... Charming in nature, this story is certainly a tale for all ages"


- Fourth Wall Media

"QUOKKA APOCALYPSE is a fun, satirical, and thought provoking show that succeeds in depicting a much-needed, albeit fantastical, revolution. Cultural criticism at the heights of hilarity, it's an anthropomorphic joy to witness."


- Gutter Culture

WRITER & DIRECTOR Zachary Sheridan // PRODUCER Emily Stokoe //  COMPOSITION & SOUND DESIGNER Alex Turner // COSTUME & SET DESIGNER Kaitlin Brindley // ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Melanie Julien Martial // LIGHTING DESIGNER & STAGE MANAGER Jasmine Lifford // PUBLICIST Holly Ferguson // FEATURING Amelia Burke, Grace Chow, Christopher Moro, Jo Morris, Stephanie Somerville 

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