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I Feel Fine was performed at The Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge, WA in October, 2019, as part of the 2019 Development Season. 

Some days we get overwhelmed. We look at the state of the world and it’s just too hard. Rising sea levels, unpredictable weather, plastic lined coffee cups. All these problems and, to top it off, our air conditioners keep faltering in the heat. Don’t worry; we’ve got the answer for you. Welcome to the Church of the Anthropocene: a place to repair our relationship with the world. It’s time to shake off your climate-shame, sing, dance, pray, and sip a little wheatgrass.

“A wild ride that blends Catholic Youth Mass with a touch of cult and a good dose of crazy, this is a warm, shared experience that provides much food for thought.”

- Stage Whispers

"The play’s parody of the evolution of human thought through religion is sharp and unsettling and the audience is not let off the hook, with the cast including the onlookers in the increasingly ridiculous rituals and recitations. The effect of this inclusion is a shift from delight to discomfit as the audience laugh at their own conceit being mirrored back to them by the self-righteous, yet ultimately flawed members of the congregation."

- Gutter Culture


"Let me say right off the bat that I Feel Fine is a deftly conceived, zany and lucid entertainment.

There’s something Guerilla Theatre, something Woodstocky about it, also something creepily Mansonic as well. Whichever it is, it’s fine entertainment, and well worth your attention.”

- See Saw


“It is a work all together hard to define and discuss. It examines the current political, cultural and environmental climate and how they’re all getting more and more heated. Toeing the excruciatingly thin line between hope and despair, the piece is self reflective, expressing the zeitgeist of our time that encompasses a common feeling of our own and of the earth’s fragility… You won’t regret this home grown gem.” 

- Cheeky Rascals 

WRITER & DIRECTOR Zachary Sheridan // PRODUCER Erin Lockyer // DRAMATURGE Dr. Reneé Newman // MUSIC (AND PERFORMANCE BY) Jacob & Isaac Diamond // ALSO FEATURING MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH Amelia Burke, Kylie Bywaters, Simone Detourbet, Jackson Peele // SCENOGRAPHY Jessee Lee Johns // PROJECTION DESIGNER & COLLABORATOR Zal Kanga-Parabia // COSTUME Kaitlin Brindley // LIGHTING DESIGN & STAGE MANAGER Jasmine Lifford // ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Elise Wilson // MARKETING & PUBLICITY Zoe Hollyoak // GRAPHIC DESIGNER Tim Meakins // COLLABORATOR Elizabeth Bills // MENTORS Tim Watts & Shaun Nannup

Winner of The Blue Room Theatre's 2019 Judges Award

Nominated for "Best Writing," "Best Host," and "Best Production" 

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