Winner of a 2019 Fringe World Weekly Theatre Award

GRACE was first performed at the The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights in Northbridge, WA in January, 2019, as part of Fringe World.

"It's like when you get all flustered and you don't know what to you just eat Sukin Face Wash."

Jane Parker says GRACE is the head of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and the No Knee Caps Committee, and Octopus just ate her pet goldfish (Octopus is kind of like a Patronus, but crap). Today seems fine, but when Octopus demands a move to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, things take a turn.

"The performances in GRACE are outstanding, with Grace and ‘Octopus 1’ particular standouts. Together, the four cast members close the gap between stage and audience to create a hilarious, poignant, and ultimately emotive experience."


- Gutter Culture

"Director Phoebe Sullivan, cast and creatives have produced an intelligent and emotional theatrical production that speaks to our sense of self and our place in the world. There is a somewhat optimistic ending to the play which is a much needed approach to the problems facing this generation. I hope that this important production will tour the nation and beyond."


- Theatre People

"A fascinating exploration of youth mental health, that is never bogged down with details or despair, but manages to provide lots of food for thought while remaining, fresh, entertaining and well performed."

- Stage Whispers

"The audience is left to ponder the layers of metaphor and symbolism long after leaving the theatre."

- Seesaw

PRODUCER Erin Lockyer // WRITER Zachary Sheridan // DIRECTOR Phoebe Sullivan // SOUND DESIGNER Isaac Diamond // DESIGNER Sally Phipps // LIGHTING Phoebe Pilcher // STAGE MANAGER Charley Newton // PUBLICIST Mitchell Whelan // FEATURING Simone Detourbet, Anna Dooley, Ana Ika, Elise Wilson // MENTOR Will O'Mahoney

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