We believe that we are living in the Anthropocene.
This Church is for pilgrims caught in the complex bind of

loving and hating their fellow humans.
We feel guilt and anxiety and shame.
We believe these feelings are complex,
and the Church does not glorify nor condemn.
It swings between the two.
It accepts.
It encourages the herd to come with their shame and sit in the…

We believe that the Anthropocene is the subtle and ironic discovery that

we are God.
That to be God comes with responsibility.
That we are failing in our responsibility.
That being God isn’t as great as it sounds.

That ultimately the climate does not care for this fiction.

We are caught in the binary between despair and hope.
We hold these contradictory ideas and sit in the space between.
This is the Anthropocene.

This is the Church.

I Feel Fine.

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