Cookies and Cream was first performed at the The Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge, WA in August, 2018, as part of WAAPA's TILT  season. 

Dinky-tickling. Jiggery-pokery. The old matrimonial-polka. However the diddly is done, Debbie Watson wants to talk about it. 

"Cookies and Cream (or, as its writer Zachary Sheridan and director Amelia Burke would have it, “however the diddly is done”) is everything you could want in forty minutes of alt-theatre. Smart, screamingly funny, did-she-really-SAY-that-ish, snappy, crackly and poppy, it’s the antidote to whatever ails you."

- Seesaw

"Cookies and Cream... very funny, well written and performed with great energy and timing."

- Perth Theatregoer

DEVISOR & DIRECTOR Amelia Burke // WRITER, DEVISOR & PERFORMER Zachary Sheridan // DEVISORS & PERFORMERS Tamara Creasey, Christopher Moro, Elise Wilson 

A second iteration of the work was performed at Noel Lothian Hall in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens as part of Adelaide Fringe 2019. Rebecca Fingher acted as touring director. 

“Their attempts at practising kissing with cup cakes before going on to the real thing is a delight, and the whole show is full of physical comedy, dance and hanky panky, some of it exotic, none erotic.”

- The Advertiser

"Cookies and Cream is the Fringe show that has it all."

- On Dit

"The cast works incredibly well to recreate the inherent goofiness of adolescence and the excited jitters of sex and dating." 

★★★★ - Great Scott


"Cookies and Cream is delightful, toeing the line as it covers a serious issue in a fun and engaging way." 

★★★★ - Collage

"Cookies & Cream is a delightful, brilliantly acted, and energetic hour of physical comedy."

★★★★ - This is Radelaide

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